A bit about Decida

At Decida, we are driven by a fundamental belief that if we improve the decision making capability of people all around the world, even by the smallest increment, we will solve most of the political, social, economic and environmental problems that exist today.

To do this we develop and deliver a range of products and services that help you in your personal and work life.

At a personal level this means developing products like:

  • The Decida Switch app to help manage your reactivity and build stronger relationships.
  • The 10 Minute Journal and AnDi the digital coach to help you reflect and focus your energy and time.
  • The sDMF survey to help you better understand you, and how you can more harmoniously collaborate with those around you.
  • And a range of products in development to help improve your performance, increase your resilience and improve your leadership and decision making capability.

At a work level this means

  • Helping organisations turn innovative ideas into reality, to help create systems and structures that unfreeze the ‘frozen middle’ where a fear, politics and a lack of confidence in decision making undermine progress.
  • Creating and running webinars, workshops, and blended learning experiences that increase critical thinking, communication and individual decision making maturity.
  • Helping create better decision architecture to improve the decision making of staff and customers.
  • Helping design and embed agile, design thinking and behavioural economic philosophies so the right things get done in the right way at the right time

Below is a collection of our latest blogs, articles, stories and updates.


Two ways you can reduce change or decision fatigue

In my opinion this link between change or number of decisions and cognitive fatigue is a misattribution – a classic correlation causation error.”

Empathy led leadership is not for the weak

“There is a common misunderstanding that leading with empathy is somehow a passive style of leadership, one that always seeks permission and never does anything that ‘rocks the boat’. Nothing could be further from the truth.”


New Year Financial Resolutions: how to be a better saver in 2021

Objective: Focus on behavioural patterns and the influence they have on our finances. 

Three things you can do to avoid going Apes#!t after too much time at home with the kids

Psychologist Phil Slade shares how a trike riding through poo nearly sent him over the edge!

In Times of Uncertainty, Don't Gamble With Your Life

When faced with uncertain or ambiguous outcomes, and in the presence of a feeling of loss or grieving change, our brains can lead us to some very peculiar decisions. In some ways we start to act like gamblers, taking bigger risks and we’re much more susceptible to emotional influences.

Cage the Rage

“There is an old Japanese proverb that describes anger as a sharp clawed tiger, raging and destroying everything inside of you if left untamed. I think this is a very apt analogy.”


What do Border Collies and High Performing Teams have in common?

“The key is finding out what people look like when they are at their best, and what they need from others when the pressure is on to manage stress and keep moving forward.”


Communicating for influence and impact

“Treat others as you would have them treat you” was an OK mantra for your parents to use when trying to get us to play nicer in the playground, but too many of us use this mantra when trying to effectively communicate to each other. When we communicate a message, particularly if it is not a message the receiver wants to hear, we often fail to recognise the headspace of the receiver, deferring to our own desire to just ‘get it over with as quickly as possible’. This leads to all sorts of emotional turmoil in individuals and throughout organisations, and rarely achieves the impact or influence required to archive the desired outcome. “Treat others as THEY would like to be treated” is a much better mantra when trying to communicate for influence and impact—which can be tricky when communicating to a group of people. Fortunately, irrespective of our individual differences we are all still human, and therefore there is a neurological process that we all go through when processing information and communicating. This process is all about your APSI (your conscious self) and your Ape (your unconscious reactivity).

Is Cognitive Bias Bad?

In recent years cognitive bias (and its manipulation) has received a notorious reputation for its role in poor decision-making and unethical behaviour. However, is the manipulation or utilisation of cognitive bias always a bad thing? Can accessing and leveraging off cognitive bias actually lead to better outcomes? And of course, if there is a line between skilful marketing, and unethical profiteering, where is it and who should be the one determining its position?

Having Difficult Money Conversations

Whether paying for dinner, or negotiating complex business deals, Phil Slade discusses why having a ‘brain aligned’ conversation is essential to successfully navigate any difficult money conversation.

The Orchestra of Innovation

Innovation can be hard, but without taking people on the journey it is impossible.


The Property Couch

Going Ape S#!t: How To Hack Your Brain To Make More Money – Chat with Phil Slade

2GB Online

Learn ways to tame your inner Ape

4BC Online

Learn ways to tame your inner Ape

Psychologist Phil Slade reveals how you can avoid going ‘ape’ around friends and family this Christmas season

Bounty Parents

Three things you can do to avoid going Apes#!t after too much time at home with the kids


Each month, we reach out to inspiring members of the Decida community and ask for their thoughts on decision making. Below is an archive of previous stories.

Adam Smith

Adam has over 20 years of experience in working as a senior strategic advisor to Government and the private sectors in the definition, planning, procurement and delivery of complex infrastructure projects.  Adam has an extensive background in helping successfully implement and operationalise lasting change within organisations helping to transform and turnaround underperforming business units and unprofitable projects.

Adam has worked across a broad range of sectors delivering programs in health, mining, transport, social infrastructure, telco, power, construction and manufacturing. Developing the right governance frameworks and operational controls, Adam has helped steer and coach leadership teams through critical moments in their project and business lifecycle that ensures long term sustainability. Working openly with Executive teams, Adam helps to create and shape the right transition plans and strategies necessary for new projects to seamlessly transition to business as usual.

Adam’s collaborative leadership style ensures clear, accurate communication of the project vision empowering management and their teams to initiate the actions needed to improve performance. Adam has an extensive background in planning and business case development, financial and risk management, contingency assessment and asset and facilities management. 

An accomplished facilitator and negotiator, Adam can communicate complex concepts in a simple, structured way to internal and external stakeholders at all levels.

Kim Loader

Specialist Insurance Recruiter. I can genuinely say “I love my job!” I get to meet new people every day and help them with finding a new job or with hiring new staff. My long-term approach means I encourage clients and candidates to make decisions they are happy and comfortable with. Whether you’re looking for insurance staff or for your next insurance role, I’d love to help.

Roshelle Weir

After a lengthy career in financial services working in a variety of roles in customer service, project management, learning and development, and innovation she is now one of the founding partners of Decida. Roshelle loves all things digital which is balanced by her passion for human centred design and working with colleagues to solve problems. Although not a fan of public speaking as such, she is a strong facilitator and can be relied on to help her clients implement sustainable change.

More importantly, Roshelle is happily married to her high school sweetheart and is mother to two (adult) children, and is soon to be a grandmother for the first time. When she isn’t working (which isn’t often) she is camping or maintaining her sanity through jig saw puzzles.

Michelle Zhou

Dr. Michelle Zhou is a Co-Founder and CEO of Juji, Inc., an Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup located in Silicon Valley, specializing in building state-of-the-art AI technologies and solutions that enable the creation and adoption of responsible and empathetic AI agents. Prior to starting Juji, Michelle led the User Systems and Experience Research (USER) group at IBM Research – Almaden and then the IBM Watson Group. Michelle’s expertise is in the interdisciplinary area of intelligent user interaction (IUI), including conversational AI systems and personality analytics. She is an inventor of the IBM Watson Personality Insights and has led the development and commercialization of at least a dozen products in her areas of expertise. Michelle has also published over 100 peer-reviewed, refereed scientific articles and 45 patents. She received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Columbia University and is an ACM Distinguished Scientist.

Michael Townsley

Associate Professor Michael Townsley is the Head of the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, at Griffith University — the largest group of criminology researchers in Australia. He has previously held research positions at the UCL Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science, University College London and University of Liverpool. Michael’s research interests include crime analysis and crime prevention, with an emphasis on spatial patterns. He completed his PhD in 2001 on spatial and temporal distributions of residential burglary. Some of the problems he has worked on include maritime piracy, decision making of insurgents in Iraq, clandestine meth labs, offender mobility and the journey to crime, alcohol-related violence, drug operations to name a few.

Peter How

Peter enjoys working and connecting with people, bringing digital to life for customer outcomes and has over 20 years of comprehensive executive leadership experience across corporate and government environments. He relishes combining Silicon-valley startup culture, Human Centred Design, Lean and Agile to deliver amazing digital customer products and services.

Tracey Kay

Tracey is a digital transformation executive with more than 20 years leadership and management experience, setting strategic direction and driving innovation execution in complex, regulated financial services companies. She is a passionate advocate of business-centric adoption of digital, blockchain and AI.

Melissa Witheriff

As a curious innovator, Melissa has found her calling in connecting people, ideas and opportunities to create value.  She is a strategic thinker and if there is a better, more efficient, or more engaging way to do something, she will be the first one off the blocks. She is currently a board member of the Service Innovation Alliance (SIA) Advisory Board for the University of Queensland. She has more than 20 years of leadership experience across non-for-profit, government, and corporate environments.

Tina Parker

Tina is a Training Integration Specialist with BHP proudly working on the new national training program bringing opportunities for training and employment to our next generation of tradespeople. She is passionate about inclusion and diversity in the workplace and the diversity of thought and innovation that brings. She has experience in workforce planning, training and management across different sectors including retail, construction and mining.

Neil Singleton

Neil has been involved in various aspects of the Insurance Industry for well over thirty years in corporate roles and now in a fairly unique position as part business leader and part regulator. Since he was introduced to customer based design he has found the principles ideal for focusing on ways to improve products or services for the end user – whether policyholder or injured person. He enjoys being curious about finding new and better ways to do things.

Jacqui Donaldson

Jacqui is currently working at QSuper in their Member Experience division as a Sponsorship Specialist. She has over 15 years experience in Marketing communications, Brand strategy, Sponsorship and Event management across a variety of industries. She has also taught both Marketing and PR subjects for Swinburne Online. Recently, she has switched to a part-time role to give her time to focus on starting to take trail running tours around Australia & NZ through GirlsTrek.

Vicki Vanderent

With a background across government, the university and private sectors, where she has worked in a variety of marketing communication, strategy and governance roles, Vicki is a true generalist. Her current role is Director of Policy, Performance and Improvement with the Insurance Commission – a portfolio of Queensland Treasury. In this role, she serves as a leader of three wonderful teams of policy, marketing and communication, business improvement and business performance specialists.

Rebecca Stephens

With over 25 years experience in a broad range of roles in the Australian and UK banking/insurance sectors, Rebecca embraces Innovation methods to navigate through complexity and ambiguity in order to find new sources of organisational value. She has excellent general management skills that empower people to achieve their goals, acquired through post graduate qualifications and an academic background focused on Innovation, Shared Services and Finance.

Michelle Palmer

Michelle is the Executive Director People and Engagement at the Department of Justice and Attorney General (DJAG), within the Queensland Government. She started at DJAG in May 2019 and finds it a privilege to work with such a great group of people to deliver important justice services to our community.

Callan McDonnell

Callan McDonnell has over 25 years of experience in learning and development and organisational performance and driving cultural changes across organisations. He has worked in several different industries in Africa, Asia, the UK and Australia working in organisational design, learning and development, leadership development, talent management and workforce planning. Callan is the founder of Made Better Human and the Centre for Applied Leadership, Learning and Narratives which specialises in assisting individuals, teams and organisations in identifying how their current narrative may need to change to support them moving into the next stage of their transformation. As a qualified narrative coach, Callan has worked with many individuals supporting them through the transitions of life; be those career changes or life stage transformations. A published author and frequent contributor on LinkedIn, Callan believes that storytelling is the most powerful to put ideas into the world.

Hayley Langsdorf

Hayley’s goal is to help the world communicate with more ‘human-ness’, collaborate with authenticity and unlock creativity for everyone. She wants to inspire the world with beautiful, visual stories. Founder and Chief Doodler of Thoughts Drawn Out, Hayley combines her extensive skills and experience in communications, capability development, and human centred design to help people define problems, set compelling strategies, make change happen and tell their story.

Mike Davis

With over 20 experience in enterprise IT Program and Project Delivery, Mike now applies his skills working as a tech entrepreneur to transform businesses into leaders of the digital economy, leveraging their existing IT assets to build a digital DNA.

Chris Brettell

Chris is a business professional with more than 20 years in the Financial Services industry. Chris’ leadership skills have been honed across all things Insurance in this time including claims, sales, channel management, business development, product design and management this time with a little bit of mentoring, coaching and management consulting on the side for some added flavour. Chris loves to share the odd funny story so feel free to bring a supply of quality whiskey and chocolate, take a seat and enjoy.

Michael Major

Michael has worked internationally in the development and retail sectors for 30 years. Over this time, he has created a unique end-user methodology using neuro-architecture and design anthropology which delivers long-term results. This methodology produces distinctive, competitive environments which are economically viable to build.

Phil Slade

Phil Slade, psychologist, behavioural economist, author, keynote speaker and generally inspiring visionary is the founding partner of Decida. Phil and his lovely wife of more than 20 years are the proud parents of two amazing young men. Phil is at his best when he is making music, enjoying fine wine or scotch or striving to make the world a better place through better decisions.

Brooke Tranberg

Brooke has worked in an administration and business support role in an Architectural practice since 1994.  She is interested in all aspects of Architectural & Design Practice Management, with skills and experience across most areas including finance, administration and human resources.  Brooke is now the HR Manager at Conrad Gargett, a national architectural practice that has been in operation for over 125 years.  Conrad Gargett employs over 170 people in 6 national and 1 international (Ethiopia) studio/s.

Gerard Doyle

With more than 20 years of experience, Gerard is a veteran of digital marketing. Gerard’s career is a blend of agency and startups, which he uses to provide a unique and innovative approach to his digital strategies. Gerard’s startup experience uniquely positions him to help businesses navigate through rapidly evolving marketplaces that are constantly under the threat of disruption. After spending 10 years in London, Gerard has vast international experience working with some of the biggest global brands including HP, GM, Microsoft, Coca Cola and Burberry.

Naomi White

Naomi is a transformational leadership expert, executive coach, mentor, speaker, facilitator, and cultural change specialist. She has a proven track record in delivering strong leadership, high performing teams, simplified and integrated businesses, and resilient cultures.  She has worked with countless leaders over the years helping them to step into their leadership potential and drive their businesses to higher levels of performance.

Melanie Wood

Melanie is passionate about helping people to be come pro communicators to empower and inspire change. She has delivered public speaking, storytelling and soft skills training both here in Australia and abroad, and has extensive experience working with individuals passionate for growth through her coaching programs.

Emily Douglass

Emily is passionate about enabling individuals to develop the best version of themselves for their professional lives whilst also maintaining an awareness of their personal lives. A registered psychologist with over two decades of service with the Australian Regular Army, she draws on her first-hand experience of what it means to be a resilient, ethical and effective leader.

Brendan Forwood

Over the past 10 years Brendan has built a brand in leadership development and behavioural learning, working with senior managers to build leadership capability that links strategy with execution, and help teams work more collaboratively and effectively together through strong communication and ways of working to achieve results.

Ale Wiecek

We recently asked Ale Wiecek, founder and Chief Empathy Officer of Sqr One and one of our dear friends at Decida to share her insights on better decision making. 

Clifford Morgan

Cliff is passionate about partnering with leaders and their organisations, helping them to unlock their potential and perform at their peak. A registered psychologist with over a decade of service with the Royal Australian Air Force, he brings a wealth of experience that provides him a unique perspective to assist his clients. His approach combines his military discipline and focus with the application of psychology in a way that challenges mindsets, influences culture and empowers people.


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Decida Airport Activity

Used when kicking off a project or team to discuss role and responsibilities.

Decida Universe Template

Goal setting template to help you create clarity and focus on the things that matter the most: your health, your wealth and your relationships.

Picking Tribes Tip Sheet

Top three tips to guesstimating your, and others, psychological tribes.

APSI for email

This process will always get your message through and maximise understanding and acceptance.

10 Minute Journal Extract

An extract from the 10 Minute Journal so you can give it a go and see how journaling works for you.

Below is the video series we did to share tips and tricks to help you survive and thrive while working remotely, for more content like this click here

Episode 1 – Gratefulness

In the transition to working remotely, it can be difficult to remain grateful for where you’re at. Check out this 3 Minute video from Decida’s Phil Slade and Roshelle Weir on the importance of gratefulness.

Episode 3 – Remote Collaboration

Are your online meetings boring you to death? Are you struggling to stay focused bouncing from back to backs? In this short video, Decida’s Phil Slade and Roshelle Weir share a few ways to make meetings more productive and enjoyable for everyone!

Episode 2 – Extroverts are not okay (and how to help)

Are you an extrovert crawling up the walls? Or an introvert wondering what all the fuss is about? In this short video, Decida’s Phil Slade and Roshelle Weir share a few ways to energize your days and kick goals while working from home.

Episode 4 – Designing your Post COVID-19 World

Are you thinking about returning to the workplace? Phil Slade and Roshelle Weir discuss some of the things you should think about before taking the plunge.