We recently asked Brooke Tranberg to share her thoughts on better decision making.

Brooke has worked in an administration and business support role in an Architectural practice since 1994.  She is interested in all aspects of Architectural & Design Practice Management, with skills and experience across most areas including finance, administration and human resources.  Brooke is now the HR Manager at Conrad Gargett, a national architectural practice that has been in operation for over 125 years.  Conrad Gargett employs over 170 people in 6 national and 1 international (Ethiopia) studio/s. 

What is your favourite, or most used, inspirational quote?

“I always wanted to be somebody, now who the hell was it?!” and “There will always be someone who can’t see your worth…. Don’t let it be you.”

What does great decision making look and feel like for you?

Clear, precise, based on facts, inclusive/consultative.

When was a time you were at your decision making best?

I make my best, clearest and quickest decisions in emergencies or high pressure situations.

Who inspires you? Why?

My family, my friends, my boss, my kids, my husband, my co-workers – they are my ‘sphere of influence’ (learnt that phrase this week!) and all inspire me in different ways, whether through their influence on me or my awareness of my influence on them.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to be a better decision maker?

Don’t overthink it. Fact check, keep your emotional response under control.

What are you reading/watching at the moment?

Currently reading The Hotel on Place Vendome (Life, Death and Betrayal at the Hotel Ritz in Paris) – non-fiction, about the last days of the Second World War.  Next on the book pile is The Year of Magical Thinking. 

What is the most effective strategy you use for keeping your Ape (your emotional reactive state) in check?

Breathing. Walking. Talking. (in that order – if the first one doesn’t work, I move down the list – or up the list as the case may be!)

What type of decision maker are you?

I’m surprised by my result – I’m a Questioning Strategist

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