Combining the best in human psychology and digital smarts to empower your people and transform your culture.

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The problems we solve

There are four major areas of concern that are common to most of the organisations that we work with. These are difficult and complex problems that we tackle by building on your current programs and the strengths of your people to maximise impact.


Guiding through change, cultural and digital transformation.


Unlock your people to sharpen focus, collaboration and delivery.


Improve mental health and EQ to increase workforce engagement.


Helping design better products and services and ethical decision architecture.

What we do


Behavioural Economics

Diagnostic assessments and practical tools to better influence employees, customers and strategic partners towards better decisions. 

Cool Tools

Customisable apps and tools which work in conjunction with existing programs as on-the-job support tools for leaders and teams to grow EQ, performance, collaboration and resilience. 

Mentoring and Events

From large scale events, to practical hands-on workshops, to blended learning experiences, we meet your people where they are at to entertain, evolve and better leverage your best resource – your people. 

Strategy and Execution

We help diagnose, design and deliver your projects, ensuring that strategic goals become reality. Ideas are cheap – execution is hard. 

How we do it


Working with your people & programs

We work with your existing well-being programs and technological environments.


Building digital & in-person solutions

We use a mix of digital tools like Switch for Teams, in-person events and coaching to get the job done.  


Supporting you until the job is done

We never cut and run. We're on the journey with you to make sure we arrive at the outcomes we set out to achieve.


Creating sustainability so we don't stay too long!

We believe that to achieve our mission, we need to create internal experts.

How we work

Using our three phase approach to problem solving, our Decida team will work with you to develop solutions that are guaranteed to deliver the outcomes you need.

We want to partner with you to harness the true power of your people, and equip them with the mental tools and capability to change their world, and yours, for good.


Featured Podcast:

S1:E5 Creating Clarity out of Chaos

The Turnaround Mindset is a podcast for business leaders and professionals seeking advice on how to steer a business towards success or to take your career to the next level.

Featured Video:

Decida founders Roshelle Weir and Phil Slade discuss the impact emotional intelligence has on performance and business success. 

About us

Phil Slade | psychologist

Roshelle Weir | pragmatist 



We are here to make the best people possible.

Decida was founded on the core belief that by raising the decision making capability of people all over the world, we can solve most of the economic, political, environmental and social challenges we face today. 

Whether it be focussing on individuals’ resources, health or social connectedness, or teams working more harmoniously to better draw on the collective genius, or organisations improving their systems and culture, the work of Decida remains committed to the founding mission. 

In teams this means increasing emotional and social intelligence, and finding ways to leverage psychological science to build scalable people solutions. These solutions are enabled by deep experience in digital technology and products, as well as expertise in behavioural economics and best practice organisational psychology. 

We want to partner with you to harness the true power of your people, and equip them with the mental tools and capability to change their world, and yours, for good. 

Who we've worked with

We love helping teams achieve their potential, but don’t just take our word on it!

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