We recently asked Tina Parker to share her thoughts on better decision making.

Tina is a Training Integration Specialist with BHP proudly working on the new national training program bringing opportunities for training and employment to our next generation of tradespeople. She is passionate about inclusion and diversity in the workplace and the diversity of thought and innovation that brings. She has experience in workforce planning, training and management across different sectors including retail, construction and mining.

What is your favourite, or most used, inspirational quote?

“No one has ever become poor by giving” Anne Frank. I think particularly now in the crazy world it is more relevant than ever. I feel so fortunate for where I am in the world and what I have. My other favourite is by Ronald Reagan “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”. I think we have seen in the last few months the impact one person can make on another person’s day, it is easy to catastrophise and give up, but there is always a way you can make a difference to someone.

What does great decision making look and feel like for you?

In the perfect world it is having all the information, resources and time available to come up with solutions, but in the real world I don’t like indecisiveness so would rather make the wrong decision than no decision. I think it is powerful to be able to be agile and change the path as you go.

When was a time you were at your decision making best?

I feel at my decision making best when I have a “sounding board” to throw ideas off and the space to say crazy (innovative) ideas until I can narrow down the path I need to be on.

Who inspires you? Why?

My son. He has definitely adapted to full time working from home (or schooling in his case) better than I have. He has a positive attitude and takes it all in his stride. I think the constant “fridge browsing” has been a highlight for him!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to be a better decision maker?

Ask for a coach or mentor to walk you through different decision making frameworks that work for them in similar situations.

What are you reading/watching at the moment?

I am podcasting Louis Theroux – Grounded at the moment and loving it. I am also watching Banshee on Foxtel.

What is the most effective strategy you use for keeping your Ape (your emotional reactive state) in check?

Having a circuit breaker – I find going for a walk, listening to a podcast or having a hot shower helps reset the mind and emotions.

What type of decision maker are you?

I am an Analysing Strategist.


To connect with Tina Parker:


Email – tina14@hotmail.com


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