Living and performing at your best

Improving your relationships, influence and performance in work, sport and every area of life, to be happier, healthier and more in control.

Benefits include:

  1. Increased influence and performance 
  2. Be happier, healthier and more in control
  3. Greater resilience
  4. Improved relationships
  5. Setting the stage for long term success

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“Loved the wellbeing pieces as well as the links to useful and current articles on relevant topics.”

Current Decida Client

“Having AnDi built in to the App is really helpful”

Jon N - Beta Tester

“The team greatly benefited from learning about their Apes and it has deeply affected our working dynamics for the better.”

Jess Griffiths

“This is awesome, it was really helpful”

Jane Ray - Beta Tester

Simple switch techniques that give you tools to help you and others switch into a more constructive mindset.


How can Switch help?

Leveraging fundamental principles of modern adult learning.

Switch provides:

➜  Self paced learning
➜  Experiential learning in a safe environment
➜  Micro learning moments
➜  In the moment learning support
➜  Gamification
➜  Fun and engaging learning experiences



Access to an AI enabled digital coach 

On demand access to your personal digital coach trained to support you develop reflective journaling and gratitude while providing answers to your most commonly asked questions. 




“The relationship between technology and people is evolving from a focus on automating work to replace workers, to augmenting workers with technology to create superjobs, to collaborating with technology to form superteams at the group level.”

Source: 2020 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends



Using humour and practical tools to provide ‘in the moment’ shots of happiness and create meaningful learning experiences.


Economies are shifting from an age of production to an age of imagination.

Success increasingly depends on innovation, entrepreneurship, and other forms of creativity that rely not just on skills, but also on less quantifiable capabilities such as:

➜ Emotional intelligence

➜ Critical thinking

➜ Collaboration


Decida Switch is developed by the amazing team of Psychologists, Behavioural Economists, Human Centred design experts, L&D professions and technological genius’ in the Decida Universe.

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