Will the next generation be better Ape tamers?

I was surprised to learn recently that some schools are teaching children about the “hand model of the brain” as a part of their curriculum.  Helping children, and inadvertently their parents, to better understand how their fast thinking reactive brain, that we call “the Ape”, has the ability to flip the lid and break out of the “Ape taming cage” that is their slow thinking rational brain.

Learning to understand and better manage Ape behaviour has been proven to increase the chances of living a successful life.   For all the faults of the education system, knowing at least some of the next generation are being given tools needed to build resilience and emotional intelligence fills me with hope.

If you are interested in learning more, as a part of the broader “Going Ape S#!t” program Phil and I will be hosting a couple of small group webinars this month (details below), deep diving into Ape behaviours and exploring strategies for better managing your own Ape and influencing Apes around you.  Hope to see you there!

Our featured articles this month include:

  1. Why it’s a good idea to reassess your finances and create good habits as a part of your new “normal”.
  2. Invitation to register for the upcoming Going Ape S#it webinar focused on building emotional intelligence (for the discounted IIBA member price!)
  3. Calling for volunteers to test the newly developed Decida Switch app.
  4. Thoughts on decision making from the awesomely talented human being, Melissa Witheriff.

As always, please reach out if you have questions, feedback, or would like to get involved and thank you for your ongoing support, we are eternally grateful.

Regards Roshelle and the Decida team