Put Your Own Mask On First

The chaos that we find ourselves in at the moment can be a rollercoaster of emotions that impact our ability to be healthy and happy. Despite all good intentions and best efforts there will be days when your Ape (your reactive emotional mindset) will lose it’s s#!t and hijack your life.  The hard part is Apes like company so soon enough everyone your household is going Ape s#!t too and you find yourself in a vicious cycle.

Self care in this time of chaos is imperative, but thankfully there are lots of things you can do to tame your Ape and help tame the Apes around you. And we are here to help!

One tip that many of our Decida-bles find extremely helpful during uncertain times is practicing the daily habit of journaling. Many are using the time it would normally take to commute to work to focus on journaling. This is a great idea with direct scientific benefits for your mental health, creativity, and general productivity. If you haven’t already purchased a Decida 10MJ you can pick one up here, or you can give AnDi a holler here

Our featured articles this month include:

  1. Surviving and thriving in COVID-19, we’d love to know what conversations you’d like to be a part of
  2. Thoughts on decision making from the awesomely talented human being, Vicki Vanderent
  3. Learn how journaling can super charge your life.
  4. Hear more about the cool new Switch App coming your way soon

As always, please reach out if you have questions, feedback, or would like to get involved and thank you for your ongoing support, we are eternally grateful.

Regards Roshelle and the Decida team


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