Greetings from California!

While I am in the US for the next couple of weeks I will be attending a conference focused on Artificial Intelligence in San Jose (I am so freaking excited!). I am looking forward to learning more about the future of AI and what impact it will have on society.  Having spent the last couple of years experimenting with this emerging technology I am fascinated and awestruck by the potential of augmented intelligence and virtual assistants.

For those that have been following the Decida journey, you will know we developed and released AnDi, our AI enabled digital coach, last year.  You can access AnDi via our betterME portal if you’d like to check it out: HERE

What I have learnt from working on AnDI is how hard it is to build a natural “human” conversation.  There are so many nuances to the English language, especially when you add slang, and sarcasm.  Lesson learnt: Just like people, bots have to learn and evolve over time.

I have no doubt in my mind that the day will come when we will all have a virtual assistant.  The current technology really isn’t that far away, well once Siri figures out our Australian accent of course.   At Decida we want to ride this wave to understand how we can best use this technology, not just to help people add stuff to their reminder lists, but to BE BETTER.

So with those lessons in mind, we have now trained AnDi to help people with reflective journaling through digital conversations. We will be launching the Decida Digital Journal facilitated by AnDi our AI enabled digital coach very soon.  For an early sneak peek, check it out in the details below.

Massive thank you to our beta testers that are helping us to deepen our understanding of the implications of conversational AI.  If you’d like to be involved please reach out, the more testers the better!

Our featured articles this month include:

  • Thoughts on decision making from our founding partner, the one and only Phil Slade
  • A practical and fun tool for facilitating a roles and responsibilities conversation for teams

As always, please reach out if you have questions, feedback, or would like to get involved and thank you for your ongoing support, we are eternally grateful.

Regards Roshelle and the Decida team

How to set clear expectations without a boring RACI

When forming new project teams it’s imperative everyone in the group has a clear shared understanding of roles and responsibilities.  The faster you can do this explicitly, the faster you can set and manage expectations to build cohesiveness.

This approach (kudos to the amazing Hayley Langsdorf from Thoughts Drawn Out for her artistic ability and contributions) introduces the metaphor of the work your team is responsible for as the “plane you need to get launched”.  Instructions on how to facilitate the conversation, with a blank copy of the template can be downloaded below.

If you have any questions please reach out, the Decida team would be happy to help.



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