Implementors – We need you!

Those that know me, know that I am an implementor, even better than, I’m an “achieving implementor” as defined by our decision making framework. This means that I’m at my decision making best when I have a good plan in place and a great supportive team around me getting stuff done. What I didn’t realise is that good implementors can be hard to find.

So, if you are an implementor like me, I would really like to talk to you.  We can share stories and complain about procrastination, but more importantly we could explore collaboration opportunities. If you aren’t sure what your profile is, take the short survey linked below to find out.

In addition to hopefully giving you pause for contemplation, in this month’s update we are also excited to:

– introduce you to this month’s awesome human, Brooke Tranberg
– share a practical guideline for establishing solid project management decisions based on neuroscience, and
– invite you to participate in our new exciting project exploring conversational journaling powered by AI (meet AnDi 2.0!)

As always, please reach out if you have questions, feedback, or would like to get involved and thank you for your ongoing support, we are eternally grateful.

Regards Roshelle and the Decida team


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