What excites you?

Phil asked me a question last week that really made me stop and think, “Which of our (many) projects excites you the most? Which one gives you energy?”. He reminded me that while we often focus on the “low hanging fruit” that are quick and easy to implement from our never ending “to do list” we need to ensure we are creating the capacity to work on the things that fuel our passion.

For us, finding ways to supercharge your decision making ability drives us but specifically that’s different for each of us.  For Phil, when he’s not writing his next book, he is enjoying redesigning the betterTEAM insights into a personalised practical advice tool that is easy to access when you need it most. For Pete, he is enjoying exploring and implementing digital tools to enable the customer experiences we want to create, such as the information sharing portal for the betterME program or making the SWITCH cards accessible digitally. For me, right now the energy is coming from building a community of practice of likeminded people that generously share their stories and expertise for the benefit of the group.

While we still need to do the things on our exhaustive “to do list” we are all finding time to work on the things that excite us and bring us energy. Playing to our strengths, collectively we are having fun and getting sh!t done! 🙂

So, what is it that gives you energy?

In addition to hopefully giving you pause for contemplation, in this month’s update we are also excited to:

  • announce a redesign of the extremely popular SWITCH cards,
  • introduce you to one of our favourite humans, Brendan Forwood,
  • invite you to play with an AI powered interviewer, and
  • share a practical tool for kick starting your professional and personal development.

As always, please reach out if you have questions, feedback, or would like to get involved and thank you for your ongoing support, we are eternally grateful.

Regards Roshelle and the Decida team

A different way to dev plan

Many of you will have used a SWOT analysis tool before in your teams or business but have you considered using it for yourself?  The SWOT asks you to consider what your Strengths and Weaknesses are, and consider the Opportunities and Threats you face. This process helps you focus on your strengths, minimise threats, and take the greatest possible advantage of opportunities available to you.

To assist you with this process and help you to capture your thoughts download this FREE template with some thought provoking questions to get you started.



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