Season 1, Episode 4

Is it family or career?

Striking the right balance between family and career will differ depending on the circumstances facing the person, the family, their stage of life, their chosen career.

As human beings adapt to life during this pandemic, has provided people with more options around working from home and working around family life.

However, in an attempt to be both good at family and good at career, can sometimes mean doing an average job at both. Some will find it easy to justify the long hours at work because without the job the family will suffer financially. Others will talk about the guilt, anxiety and frustration they feel by giving either family or career preferential treatment over the other.

In today’s episode, we will help to determine whether you can strike a balance between the two things that occupy the greatest portion of our lives apart from sleep.

We will talk through:

  • some of the reasons we face this juggling act of family or career
  • how to determine what are your real priorities in life
  • what considerations can you made at work and at home in making the right decisions for your life
  • advice on making the hard choices

Hosts & Guests

Phil Slade

Adam Smith

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