Season 1, Episode 3

How do I keep my staff from leaving my business?

Episode 3: How do I keep my staff from leaving my business?

Good employees are hard to find. They say that when you lose your best people, the first place to at look is management. When your top talent decides to leave your business, productivity reduces, morale suffers, and resentment sets in with the employer as the tasks of the exiting employee are loaded onto the remaining staff.

In these unprecedented times, there is no new normal when it comes to work arrangements. With so much of our work day being conducted from home offices or through virtual meetings, there just isn’t as much physical contact for meetings or catch ups between employees and employers anymore. With this type of agile workplace what can be done by you to keep your employees motivated and interested in the long term vision of your business.

The important thing to remember is never waste a good crisis. This new work environment we are all faced with really gives businesses and opportunity to focus more on its most important asset: its people.

This episode we will discuss:

  • what causes people to leave a business in the first place
  • the main triggers that cause staff to disconnect mentally and emotionally from their work
  • what are our 9 tips for keeping and retaining your best people long term
  • how to measure and monitor job satisfaction levels across your business


Hosts & Guests

Phil Slade

Adam Smith

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