Season 1, Episode 16

How do you motivate the unmotivated?

Episode 16: How do you motivate the unmotivated?

With more and more of us working remotely, and with signs that COVID is going to be with us for some time, business leaders are facing new challenges in keeping employees motivated in their jobs and inspired to serve customers and deliver deadlines. Motivation can be in short supply during times of stress.

No matter how talented or experienced you are, it’s not possible to stay driven all the time. If you manage teams, you’re bound to encounter employees or even entire teams who suffer from a lack of motivation.

Management would be easy if only everyone were highly motivated. Managers have no choice but to deal with all kinds of people. So how do you get employees to follow your lead? How do you get people energised and committed in such a way that they not only support your initiatives but carry them out?

Simon Sinek recently posted a video called how do I motivate the unmotivated where he indicated that we should not assume that a lack of motivation is an intrinsic problem. As leaders we should first evaluate whether or not we’ve created an environment that inspires our employees. In order to spark motivation, people must feel seen and valued. 

So on today’s podcast, we thought we would expand on this topic around what our tips are around how we can motivate employees and our direct teams. 

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Phil Slade

Adam Smith

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