Season 1, Episode 14

How do I shift to a growth mindset?

What you believe is what you achieve. Conscious or unconscious, how you choose to interpret your experiences can set the boundaries on what you can accomplish. The difference, it would seem, lies in whether you operate from a fixed mindset or from a growth mindset. On today’s episode, we are going to discuss, how do I shift to a growth mindset? 

Our mind plays a very powerful role in what we believe and how we think. What we think about ourselves and our abilities decides how we act and lead our life. On today’s podcast, we discuss the fact that leadership and learning must be fostered throughout an organisation in order for that organisation to really progress. This means every employee within a company must have the ability to develop, grow, and learn. Organisations who support and seek out individuals who show a capacity for such growth, in turn will advance in their own roles, take on more leadership capabilities, and constantly evolve their skills and thinking.

A growth mindset is a set of attitudes and behaviours that reflect the belief that an individual’s talent, is not set in stone. Talent can be developed. Intelligence can be fostered. Creativity and innovation can be strengthened. Leaders can emerge. People hold potential. We believe an organisation that adopts a growth mindset can position itself to thrive. 

Finally, we will also be discussing our tips on what organisations can do, and then, what individuals can do to shift to a growth mindset.

Hosts & Guests

Phil Slade

Adam Smith

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