Season 1, Episode 13

How do I cope with personal grief and loss at work?

Episode 13: How do I cope with personal grief and loss at work?

One of the biggest issues anyone will ever deal with in their life, is the loss of someone they love and the grief it triggers. Grieving is a very personal matter that is different for all of us impacting our emotional and physical health. In some cases, individuals can take years to recover.  Every person deals with these matters in their own way and in their own time. Unfortunately, a lot of employers expect workers to return to their job well before they felt ready and physically able to do so. 

These days, dealing with loss is a much broader topic facing today’s workforce. Dealing with personal issues such as family, moving house, getting retrenched, divorce, even a corporate restructure can have an impact on your job and how you perform as close relationships get fractured and change. All these situations trigger a grief cycle as we are loosing someone or something significant in our lives that deeply impacts how we navigate the world or our identity as individuals. Trying to keep your work life and personal life separate can be a difficult balancing act. 

On today’s episode, Adam gives us a very personal account of how he dealt with his own grief and loss and it impacted him mentally and at the workplace. 

We will also cover off in detail our 9 coping strategies that can be applied to whatever personal situation you are dealing with, to avoid it negatively affecting your job and career. 

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Phil Slade

Adam Smith

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