Season 1, Episode 11

Leadership: Am I too drunk to drive?

Well, we had to get your attention! But don’t worry, today’s podcast has a different meaning to what you might think. 

On today’s episode, what we are talking about is bad leadership. These are the types of leaders that establish boundaries between themselves and their followers on the one side, and everyone else on the other. Primarily, the needs and wants of the organisation to which they are directly responsible are less important than the agenda being pursued by those in charge. Generally, these leaders or managers are not interested in new people or ideas in their business. This type of bad leadership inevitably leads to bad followers.

A leader that desires conformity, who abuses their power or uses coercion for their own means creates isolation, an unknowingly puts the organisation on a downward death spiral. This toxic behavior, or in the case of today’s podcast, this form of intoxication, makes the driver or leader unfit to competently take the company forward…hence the title, am I too drunk to drive?

In this week’s podcast, we will discuss:

  • The definition of insular leadership and what it means to your business
  • The common mistakes most bad leaders make in the workplace
  • Understanding the difference between leadership and management
  • What are our 6 tips to move from being a bad leader to an effective leader

Hosts & Guests

Phil Slade

Adam Smith

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