Going Ape S#!t - The Book


Science shows us that the one thing that is common between people successful in their finances and their health, is the ability to control their emotions, to keep a lid on things, to refrain from going completely Apes#!t—even when we want to (actually, especially when we want to). Whatever your experience (and we all have some pretty crap experiences), each of us has the power to do something today to make tomorrow better. Sins of the past are immutable and we cannot change them. What we can control is whether or not we let those past experiences dictate our future. Avoid becoming a slave to our experiences and become the master of our destiny. 

Phil’s journey on this little planet has been one full of varied experiences, unfortunate events and fantastic opportunities. In this book, Phil draws on many of his experiences as cautionary tales and humorous anecdotes with which to highlight key psychological insights, boost your emotional intelligence, and give you tangible tools to make your life more successful, harmonious, and meaningful. 

Change ourselves so we can change the world around us. Understand why it feels so good to go Apes#!t at times, how we justify it, and why it never ends as well as when cooler, more responsive heads prevail. By the end of this book you should be able to better:
      • Identify your Ape (your emotional, unconscious and automatic reactivity)
      • Control your Ape
      • Help others control their Ape
      • Understand how emotion and social identity can influence your judgment
      • Realise that even a science nerd like Phil is actually very entertaining.


The Perfect Pair

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Behavioural economist, registered psychologist, award-winning musician, author and co-founder of Decida, Phil has a driving belief that to change the world, we must first improve our individual choices.

Phil makes neuroscience simple, interesting and fun by highlighting irrational ‘blind-spots’, increasing awareness of cognitive biases that influence perception and behaviour, and inspiring people to become less reactive, and more responsive. His humour, casual approach and unique background is reflected in his relatable writing style, and made him a sought-after speaker and advisor helping people to master their own choices and design their own destiny. Phil regularly provides expert commentary in the media and speaks to diverse audiences, from corporate workshops, university lectures, webinars and large conferences.

Phil’s experience includes individually coaching executives, politicians and business leaders in a range of topics including strategy, critical thinking, communication, emotional intelligence, innovation and the digital human-interface.


Plenty of 'ah-ha!' moments in this book. In his usual informative and entertaining way, Phil Slade nails it when it comes to explaining why we do what we do. His insights on how you can master your mindset have been invaluable for me.
Money commentator, Today Show; Editor at large, Canstar; Author, Real Girls Guide To Money​
Reading this book will change the way you think about the way you think. Not only will it increase your self-awareness but there are really practical tips and reflective thought starters throughout the book that make it easy to immediately implement positive change.
CEO Decida Digital


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