Digital 10 Minute Journal


We already know the benefits of journaling, but for most of us it’s just all too hard and takes too much time. That’s why we created the Decida Digital 10 Minute Journal!  A conversational journal that you can do on your phone wherever, and whenever you want. For a few minutes a day you can start taking control and designing the life you want to live.

Completely free, no registration, no obligations. Just use this link to start a conversation with AnDi in Facebook Messenger. What have you got to lose!

Meet AnDi your Digital Coach



No longer need to carry around heavy books, and save some trees!

Access Anywhere

Journal from wherever you are, on the bus, laying in bed, sitting at your desk. 


Normal Conversation

Chat via Facebook Messenger the same way you chat to anyone else. 



A safe space to capture your thoughts in your private chat channel. 

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