Do you ever find yourself needing to influence decisions or behaviour from a position of low power? It all begins with learning how to tame Apes – both your own and others. Whether it be learning how to better control your own reactions, negotiate and influence without triggering others, or intentionally triggering others to influence behaviour, there are many ways to become a powerful influencer irrespective of where you sit in a hierarchy. In this series of sessions we will explore in a highly entertaining way recent discoveries in psychology and behavioural economics, and look at practical ways we can be better humans, and more powerful influencers.


Going Ape S#!t – The neuroscience of decision making

A humorous deep dive into how your brain navigates stressful situations, and explore practical ways to keep your reactive self in check and maximise opportunities with confidence!

Searching for new opportunities and making the best decisions regarding our future is often very emotional, fearful and stressful, and can often lead to decision paralysis. In the midst of unprecedented technological, social and employment change and uncertainty, now more than ever it is vitally essential to understand how our brain works and become more emotionally astute.  It is how well we navigate this emotional and stressful terrain that helps design our future. With all the opportunities that are being created everyday, we need an increased maturity of mindset to make the most of this new world and set ourselves up for future success.  Behavioural economist, psychologist, and author Phil Slade along with Decida co-founder Roshelle Weir will help us understand emotional intelligence, and deliver tangible benefits and insight into your own reactivity. The webinar is a guide to  becoming a master influencer and unfreezing decision-making paralysis.

Upcoming sessions: 

  • TBD

Going Ape S#!t – Managing apes

Stop being controlled by your reactivity and start maximising opportunities and performance.

For more than a decade, the world’s leading research, health and management institutions have known that emotional intelligence is crucial to increasing success and performance as the digital revolution continues to change the future of work. During this fun and interactive 90 minute session, Psychologist and Behavioural Economist Phil Slade along with Decida Co-Founder Roshelle Weir, will strengthen your emotional intelligence, introduce you to your psychological ‘tribe’, further develop your ability to influence those around you, and more harmoniously collaborate to achieve better outcomes. Added to this, you will also gain Insights into the psychology of decision making which will enable you to identify your personal emotional triggers and the impact of your reactivity in conflict situations. Practical tools and strategies will be provided to help manage and leverage your instinctive behaviour and start using this information to more effectively influence those around you.

Upcoming sessions: 

  • Tuesday 18 January 2022, 11:00 am AEST

Going Ape S#!t – ​​​​​​​Communicate with the brain in mind

The neuroscience of communication, negotiation and leadership

The digital revolution (accelerated by the COVID-19 epidemic) and rapidly changing social attitudes means that understanding, predicting, and influencing others behaviour has never been more important. During this thought provoking and highly practical  90 minute session, Psychologist and Behavioural Economist Phil Slade along with Decida co-founder Roshelle Weir, will go beyond emotional intelligence to explore the logic of how we think and how to quickly build empathy, trust and confidence with key people of influence.  Successfully influencing others, negotiating and driving outcomes is directly correlated with masterful communication skills (the timing, type, quality and order of content communicated). You will be introduced to the key psychological construct of APSI, which is a guide to how we rationally process information and how we can navigate complex situations without triggering people’s reactivity. Practical guides and tips sheets delivered in the session will ensure you can practically apply this insight into your everyday life and start seeing the benefits of APSI immediately.

Upcoming sessions: 
  • Tuesday 15 February 2022, 11am AEST

Going Ape S#!t – ​​​​​​​Collaborate with influence and impact

Discovering you in your ‘thrive’ state, leverage others strengths and better manage good and bad stress

Effective leadership is dramatically different to what it was 20 years ago, but many organisations still operate under old mindsets and models that suffocate the potential of their people. In this session we will look at our natural ‘thrive’ states, and how best to work with people through stressful and high pressure situations to increase performance, meaning, motivation and resilience.  We are more than simply our reactive selves. We all have a place, a mental space where we seem to thrive, where we get energy and ‘flow’ when we are at our best. Often, learning how to collaborate is more than simply avoiding our threat state, it’s also understanding and maximising our thrive state, and the thrive state of those around us. In this 90 minute session Psychologist and Behavioural Economist Phil Slade along with Decida co-founder Roshelle Weir, will unpack the four thrives states, what that means for us and those we interact with, and how to build teams to maximise you at your best. We also discover what each thrive state needs when under high stress that can often cripple productivity and undermine confidence.

Upcoming sessions: 
  • Tuesday 5 October 2021, 11am AEST
  • Tuesday 15 March 2022, 11am AEST

Going Ape S#!t – ​​​​​​​Lead with Power

Taking communication and interpersonal connection to the next level. Nudging and designing environmental decision architecture.

In the previous webinars we have learned about your thrive mindset and your Ape threat state. In this event we turn our focus to the external environment, and how changing things in our physical world can make a big difference to our judgements and behaviours. Our attitudes, perception and behaviours are much more influenced by our physical environment, and our experience, than we think. By carefully designing the physical world around us, our decision architecture, we can positively influence individual and group behaviours and mindsets. During this thought provoking and highly practical 90 minute session, Psychologist and Behavioural Economist Phil Slade and Decida co-founder Roshelle Weir, will walk us through the basic concept of nudges and the difference between effective and ineffective nudging, and then look at some more advanced decision architecture techniques to help you lead yourself, and others, with power.

Upcoming sessions: 

  • Tuesday 9 November 2021, 11am AEST
  • Tuesday 19 April 2022, 11am AEST

“Thanks so much for taking the time to prepare my results. The assessment is so accurate! Like looking in a mirror.  I’ve been reading through the Going Ape book & finding it extremely helpful & challenging. Really looking forward to the webinar. I love the switch app, it’s a fantastic tool!”


“I signed up for their webinar to understand myself and learn the skill to be able to build better relationships and influence others for better collaboration.  I find the tool (Decision Making Survey result) and the explanations provided, a good starting point. I am now able to better understand where my thoughts and decision is coming from. Having the ability to potentially identify where the other person stands, has also been beneficial.  Haven’t create world peace but it’s a first step.”

Wei Yin Han

“Enthusiastic presenters who are passionate about the content made these sessions engaging and entertaining. Add to that some really useful learning outcomes and you’ve got a winner! I can see that having a leadership team trained in this program could reap great rewards for any business wanting to go that one step further to get the most from their people and potentially their clients.”

Brooke Tranberg

“This was a very interesting program – useful tools and techniques to understand and therefore influence decision making. Can be applied on a personal, work related and more general psychological level. Highly recommend!”

Jane Felton

“Decida was an absolute delight to work with! The team greatly benefited from learning about their Apes and it has deeply affected our working dynamics for the better.”

Jess Griffiths, Project Manager

“… this was an absolutely wonderful webinar. The topic/s covered was highly relevant and applicable to professional work environments current and future. Presenters were engaging, fun, well-informed and professional.  This was a wonderful opportunity to be awarded, and ongoing participation in future offerings would be highly regarded.”

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