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Switch 4 Schools

The Switch 4 Schools program is a suite of digital tools, custom-designed for your context so you can meaningfully monitor and manage mental health in the classroom and beyond.

Who is it for?

The Switch 4 Schools program is designed for teachers and support staff working with upper primary and high school grades.

The people behind Switch


Registered Psychologist and Qualified Teacher


Senior Developer and
Data Security Expert


Learning Design and
Program Coordinator

Our Principle Advisors


Deputy Principal,
Queensland State School

Education Queensland


Head of Department, Teaching & Learning, Numeracy

Education Queensland


Behavioural Consultant,

Education Queensland

Meaningful data

Providing a safe platform for students to express their emotional well-being directly to educators in real-time to help create a better learning environment.

Digitally enabled

An easy to use and fun emotional check in app supported by practical switch techniques and activities, enhanced by real time student data accessible by the team and key learning support. 

Integrates with you

This isn’t another framework you have to learn. These are on-the-job support tools that empower your current programs, embed real behaviour change, and free up educators time, energy and focus.

Gets results fast

Drawing upon years of psychological research and best practice design methodologies, the switch program gets the right mental tools, to the right people, at the right time, and in a way that actually changes behaviour. 

What people say?

This is great! Switch 4 Schools puts all the mental health tools kids and teachers need in one, practical easy to use place.
Omen Facto
"The kids really love it! They were ready to go to the next level and this was perfect. They really love how the science ties in and the whole of class data is really invaluable.
Tyrone Wheeler

Getting started

Register for a free trial today and see how Switch 4 Schools can 

transform the mental heath and well being of your students. 

We meet with you to explain the tools and agree on any specific customisations. 

We ensure alignment to your current mental health management programs.

We update the tools and get you set up to start the trial with documentation.

We also offer optional professional development for your team at this stage.

The trial runs for approximately 4 weeks (negotiable depending on your preferences).

Decida is available to support throughout .

At the end of the trial, we’ll meet with the teaching team to debrief the trial.

You have the option at this stage to stop, extend the trial, trial with other classes or deploy across the school.

Contact us

PO Box 3007, Chermside West Queensland 4032
Phone:+61 466 152 292
Email: hello@decida.co