Switch 4 Schools Trial Resources

Switch 4 Schools

We look forward to working with you through the trial of the Switch 4 Schools mental health and well being program.  

Following you will find various tips, tools and information to assist through the trial process.  

Useful information

Select the explainer video or headings below to access supporting information and templates.

Frequently asked questions

Ideally, at least once a day but the frequency is your choice. Often teachers will align the check in process as a part of the roll call, so done first thing in the morning and again after second break.

Please drop an email through to your program coordinator at hello@decida.co and we will make the changes for you as soon as possible.

The alert is designed to allow you to quickly identify which of the students have submitted a level 3 emotion that might require your attention.  To clear it, you select the avatar then go to their individual stats page and select the clear flag option. 

Ask the student to reenter the submission with the correct data and let us know at hello@decida.co which submission to remove from the database on your behalf. 

From the data stats page you can select the export feature at any time to download the raw data in CSV format to your local hard drive. 

Privacy and safety are of utmost importance to us, which is why we ask that non-identifying avatars and nicknames are used for all students participating.

Please send through any specific switches you would like incorporated into the Switch app for consideration.  We may update an existing Switch, or choose to swap out the Switch for all participating schools and will need to manage that change process.  

Where appropriate, get backup support by letting a colleague or supervisor know about the situation as soon as possible. If possible, avoid leaving the distressed person alone – ask a colleague to stay with them even if you only have to leave for a small period of time. Keep the lines of communication open if possible and contact the school counsellor or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Contact us

PO Box 3007, Chermside West Queensland 4032
Phone: Roshelle +61 466 152 292 or Phil +61 403 767 201
Email: hello@decida.co