We have all heard the benefits of journaling but if you are strapped for time or not quite sure where to start then the 10 Minute Journal is just right for you. The journal provides guiding questions and activities to help you reflect, collect your thoughts and create the mental space you need to get and stay in control. If you just can’t wait for the journal to arrive in the snail mail, a PDF file is available for download so you can print your own copy or load it up to your favourite tablet application to get started straight away.



“I have been using the 10 Minute Journal for a few weeks now. It helps me to start my day. If I don’t journal in the morning I feel a bit lost.  It gives me the focus to get things done. I also love the rant space. It’s been a good way to reflect at the end the day and get that feeling of closure. The day is done and I can sleep.”
Gemma Burkett


New Year New You

To help you start 2021 off right, for the rest of January we’re offering you 20% off of your order when you purchase a copy of our 10 minute journal with a copy of Going Ape S#!t.

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Introducing the DIGITAL 10 Minute Journal! 

Journaling is being revolutionised by conversation AI, and it’s not surprising really as you can chat privately to your virtual coach any time, from anywhere on any device.