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Helping amazing people to become better decision makers.
Unlimited access to the betterME community portal providing:

  • Information, articles, strategies, frameworks… all the theory you need to better understand the neuroscience of optimising decision making
  • AnDi the AI powered Decida Digital Trainer
  • Space to share stories and ask advice from a variety of experts


Helping teams to build a high performance culture.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to focus on culture, we can help. Our role as enablers is to provide you with the support you need to build a high performance culture. Leveraging our expertise and experience we have developed a suite of tools and processes that will help you to diagnose, design and deliver the culture you need that unlocks the potential in your people.  Options include:

  • Customised 360 degree feedback process for the team *
  • SWOT analysis *
  • Voice of the Customer data collection *
  • Culture survey (using standard surveys or conversational AI chat bots)
  • Data analysis to make meaning and create a visual representation of insights
  • Social contract to identify and agree on simple rules and behavioural expectations
  • Team health monitoring and reporting

* Data can be collected either digitally or in person, or a hybrid of both depending on your budget and your needs.

“I, very much, value what was achieved with my Executive Leadership Team in such a short period of time. There is certainly plenty of work for us all into the future but I feel that we have taken an important step forward. The plans that we compiled will help shape our Branch and grow our people. Thank You.”
CIO – Queensland Government 



Helping organisations to capitalise on their potential.
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Mastering the ability to regulate your emotions effectively is a beneficial life skill for successful decision makers. Leveraging the neuroscience behind human behaviour SWITCH cards are designed to help you build this ability by giving you easy to implement strategies for managing your reactive Ape state.  Each set of SWITCH cards contain 24 different approaches you can use for both yourself, and supporting the people around you, delivered in a durable compact case.


We have all heard the benefits of journaling but if you are strapped for time or not quite sure where to start then the 10 Minute Journal is just right for you. The journal provides guiding questions and activities to help you reflect, collect your thoughts and create the mental space you need to get and stay in control. If you just can’t wait for the journal to arrive in the snail mail, a PDF file is available for download so you can print your own copy or load it up to your favourite tablet application to get started straight away.


“I have been using the 10 Minute Journal for a few weeks now. It helps me to start my day. If I don’t journal in the morning I feel a bit lost.  It gives me the focus to get things done. I also love the rant space. It’s been a good way to reflect at the end the day and get that feeling of closure. The day is done and I can sleep.”
Gemma Burkett


  • On demand access to your personal AI coach augmented by the accredited Decida coaching team
  • Instant messaging chat in a platform you are already familiar with such as Messenger.
  • Curated conversation where goals, actions and work in progress is captured for ease of reference.
Learn More about the 6 week challenge...
What can you do for me in just 6 weeks?
We can make you a better decision maker. We teach you how your brain works, and help you develop strategies for effectively managing your decision making process. You will stop over reacting and stay in control to improve your health, wealth and relationships.
How do you do that in just 6 weeks?
We have trained AnDi our digital coach to talk you through the six stages of developing decision making capability.
What are the Six Stages of Developing Decision Making Capability

Topic 1 – Analyse your current decision making capability to understand where you want to focus your energy, and what your goal is.

Topic 2 – Explore your decision making profile to understand how your Ape (reactive brain) impacts your ability to respond more effectively when you need to be in control.

Topic 3 – Explore different scenarios and strategies for more effectively managing your reactive state of mind when triggered emotionally, in addition to exploring ways to influence the reactive state in the people around you.

Topic 4 – Understand common cognitive biases and explore strategies for mitigating the negative impact of these on your decision making.

Topic 5 – Prioritise your personal values and the criteria for success in your universe, articulating your vision for your health, wealth and family that will act as anchors for values aligned decision making.

Topic 6 – Identify the various ways you can make your goal a reality, finding things you can do short and long term starting immediately.


  • Improve culture, increase trust and gain insights
  • Increase team productivity
  • Build confidence and decision making skills
  • Increase performance under pressure
  • Avoid analysis paralysis
  • Identify and remove cognitive bias and self limiting beliefs



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