Going Ape S#!t 4 Week Program

Do you ever find yourself needing to influence decisions or behaviour from a position of low power? It all begins with learning how to tame Apes – both your own and others. Whether it be learning how to better control your own reactions, negotiate and influence without triggering others, or intentionally triggering others to influence behaviour, there are many ways to become a powerful influencer irrespective of where you sit in a hierarchy. In this series of sessions we will explore in a highly entertaining way recent discoveries in psychology and behavioural economics, and look at practical ways we can be better humans, and more powerful influencers.








Week 1 : Taming Apes

Explore the world through a behavioural economics lens, have a look at your own bias in action, discover how it is impacting your life right now and learn some practical tools to control the beast within.

Wednesday, 13 November 6-7pm Brisbane local time


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Week 2 : Taming Others Apes

Learn about the different types of Apes, how they react, and what you can do to keep groups of Apes working for you rather that against you.

Wednesday, 20 November 6-7pm Brisbane local time


To watch a replay of this webinar CLICK HERE

Week 3 : Avoid triggering apes

Communicating with the brain in mind is critical for us to succeed in the current climate of disruption. In this session we’ll learn the simple APSI framework psychologists, FBI negotiators and top influencers use to navigate the brains reactive defence system (your Ape) to guide difficult conversations, construct powerful emails, manage effective meetings and direct successful negotiations.

Wednesday, 27 November 6-7pm Brisbane local time


To watch a replay of this webinar CLICK HERE

Week 4 : Intentionally Trigger Apes

Intentionally trigger Apes to nudge people toward certain behaviours and decisions has, until recently been dominated by marketers and politicians. Nowadays we know there are all sorts of behavioural drivers that can influence behaviour. In this session we take a journey through nudge theory, and discover brain tools that we all can employ to become better influencers. 

​​​​​​​Wednesday, 4 December 6-7pm Brisbane local time


To watch a replay of this webinar CLICK HERE

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Phil Slade


Behavioural economist, psychologist, award-winning musician, author and co-founder of Decida, Phil has a driving belief that to change the world, we must first improve our individual choices. Phil makes neuroscience simple, interesting and fun, highlighting irrational ‘blind-spots’, increasing awareness of cognitive biases that influence perception and behaviour, and inspiring people to become less reactive, and more responsive. His humour, casual approach and unique background has made him a sought-after speaker, helping people to master their own choices and design their own destiny.

Behavioural Science Advisor and columnist for Suncorp Group, Phil regularly provides expert commentary in the media. In 2016, Phil co-authored the book ‘Behavioural Economics for Business’ that was launched by the World Bank in Washington DC. Phil regularly speaks to diverse audiences, from workshops, university lectures and large conferences, to individually coaching executives, politicians and leaders in a range of topics including strategic decision-making, critical thinking, strategic communications, mental resilience and change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a camera and microphone?
No. As long as you can listen and type, you’ll be able to fully interact in the session. 

What if I miss a session or I’m running late?
No problems, we will be recording the session so you can always watch the replay to catch up. The sessions are facilitated live and are intended to be interactive so it will be a better experience in real time but we understand “stuff” happens. 

How do I log in?
You have been sent an email with your log in details that are unique to you.  If you can’t find it in your inbox or spam folder let us know at hello@decida.co and we’ll get it resent to you. Note that when you go to join the webinar, the system will ask you to input your details again (it’s cross checking you are the person that registered originally) and then you’ll be in! 

Was there any pre-work?
We recommend completing the SDMF profiling survey before the beginning of the second session.  We will tell you all about it during the first session. 

Do I use the same link each week?
Yes, you will receive an email, and a couple of reminders with your log in details, just to be safe.  



Prefer the Real Thing?

Although we are committed to creating cool digital tools to help decision making there are times when people, not just us “old skool peeps”, tell us they prefer something tangible they can touch and smell.   So because we like to help people in the ways they like to be helped, Decida offers both Switch Cards and the 10 Minute Journal in hard copy. 

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