Going Ape S#It is an enlightening and practical guide for people aspiring for greater self control and superior influencing skills.

Everybody, everyday, is faced with emotional and sometimes stressful decisions. It is how well we navigate this emotional and stressful terrain that helps design our future.




This was a very interesting program – useful tools and techniques to understand and therefore influence decision making. Can be applied on a personal, work related and more general psychological level. Highly recommend!

“Many thanks for your time on the webinar. Your decision making insights are very welcome in these challenging times.”


PHIL SLADE Behavioural economist, registered psychologist, award-winning musician, author and co-founder of Decida, Phil has a driving belief that to change the world, we must first improve our individual choices. Phil makes neuroscience simple, interesting and fun by highlighting irrational ‘blind-spots’, increasing awareness of cognitive biases that influence perception and behaviour, and inspiring people to become less reactive, and more responsive. His humour, casual approach and unique background has made him a sought-after speaker and advisor, helping people to master their own choices and design their own destiny. Phil regularly provides expert commentary in the media and speaks to diverse audiences, from corporate workshops, university lectures, webinars and large conferences. Phil’s experience includes individually coaching executives, politicians and leaders in a range of topics including strategic decision-making, critical thinking, strategic communications, mental resilience and change.



This book is not about deep diving into your past to pick at wounds or explore your experience. There is a place for that, but not in this book. My starting position is that whatever your experience, and we all have some pretty crap experiences, we all have the power to do something today that will make tomorrow better. Sins of the past are immutable, and we cannot change them. What we can control is whether we let those past experiences dictate our future. In this way, we avoid becoming a slave to our experiences and become the master of our destiny.


During this fun and interactive 90 minute session, Phil Slade will strengthen your emotional intelligence and further develop your ability to influence those around you to get better outcomes.  Insights into the psychology of decision making will enable you to identify your personal emotional triggers and the impact of your reactivity in conflict situations.  You will also be provided with practical tools and strategies to effectively manage and leverage your instinctive behaviour and start using this information to more effectively influence those around you.

As an added BONUS a free follow up 30 minute online chat is being offered the following week with Decida co-founders and session hosts Roshelle Weir and Phil Slade to debrief, share learnings and deepen understanding.


Lots of the things spoken about resonated with me and I can’t wait to listen to your next instalment.

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