How to influence when you aren’t a position of power

What we’ll cover in this 4 week program

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Do you ever find yourself needing to influence decisions or behaviour from a position of low power? It all begins with learning how to tame Apes – both your own and others. Whether it be learning how to better control your own reactions, negotiate and influence without triggering others, or intentionally triggering others to influence behaviour, there are many ways to become a powerful influencer irrespective of where you sit in a hierarchy. In this series of sessions we will explore in a highly entertaining way recent discoveries in psychology and behavioural economics, and look at practical ways we can be better humans, and more powerful influencers.


  • Session 1: Meet your Ape
    Wednesday, 13 November 6-7pm Brisbane local time

    Explore the world through a behavioural economics lens, have a look at your own bias in action, discover hot it is impacting your life right now and learn some practiccal tools to control the beast within.


  • Session 2: Taming Apes
    Wednesday, 20 November 6-7pm Brisbane local time

    Learn about the different types of Apes, how they react, and what you can do to keep groups of Apes working for you rather that against you.


  • Session 3: Negotiating and having difficult conversations without triggering Apes
    Wednesday, 27 November 6-7pm Brisbane local time

    Communicating with the brain in mind is critical for us to succeed in the current climate of disruption. In this session we’ll learn the simple APSI framework Psychologists, FBI negotiators and top influencers use to navigate the brains reactive defence system (your Ape) to guide difficult conversations, construct powerful emails, manage effective meetings and direct successful negotiations.


  • Session 4: Becoming a master influencer – Triggering Apes toward desired behaviour
    ​​​​​​​Wednesday, 4 December 6-7pm Brisbane local time

    Intentionally trigger Apes to ‘nudge’ people toward certain behaviours and decisions has, until recently, been dominated by marketers and politicians. Nowadays we know there are all sorts of behavioural drivers that can influence behaviour. In this session we take a journey through nudge theory, and discover brain tools that we all can employ to become better influencers. 



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How will it work?

The program has been intentionally broken down to be delivered over a four week period so we can help you to discover and implement strategies for taking back your power.

All sessions are delivered online so you can attend from the comfort of your home, and if you miss a session don’t worry, they will be recorded and made available for replay throughout the program.

In addition you will be given access to all sort of tips and tools to help you get the clarity and confidence you need, all included in the price.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at



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