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  • Curated conversation where goals, actions and work in progress is captured for ease of reference.
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What can you do for me in just 6 weeks?
We can make you a better decision maker. We teach you how your brain works, and help you develop strategies for effectively managing your decision making process. You will stop over reacting and stay in control to improve your health, wealth and relationships.
How do you do that in just 6 weeks?
We have trained AnDi our digital coach to talk you through the six stages of developing decision making capability.
What are the Six Stages of Developing Decision Making Capability

Topic 1 – Analyse your current decision making capability to understand where you want to focus your energy, and what your goal is.

Topic 2 – Explore your decision making profile to understand how your Ape (reactive brain) impacts your ability to respond more effectively when you need to be in control.

Topic 3 – Explore different scenarios and strategies for more effectively managing your reactive state of mind when triggered emotionally, in addition to exploring ways to influence the reactive state in the people around you.

Topic 4 – Understand common cognitive biases and explore strategies for mitigating the negative impact of these on your decision making.

Topic 5 – Prioritise your personal values and the criteria for success in your universe, articulating your vision for your health, wealth and family that will act as anchors for values aligned decision making.

Topic 6 – Identify the various ways you can make your goal a reality, finding things you can do short and long term starting immediately.


25 quick reference cards to help you switch out of your reactive Ape state

Switch cards come packaged in either a compact case for ease of transport or a regular expanding case.


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